Coughlin commits to Gophers


Coughlin leads her team as a sophomore captain commited to the University of Minnesota.

Rachel Frenz, Staff Writer

Most seniors don’t know where they are going to college yet, let alone sophomores. But sophomore Grace Coughlin already knows where she is headed for college and for free. Coughlin received a verbal offer for a full ride scholarship to the University of Minnesota this June for her basketball skills; she verbally committed to the University of Minnesota in early October.

Coughlin received the offer after attending a basketball camp at the University with her teammates this summer. Coughlin went into the camp looking to improve her basketball skills, after her coach recommended she attend. Her performance on BSM’s team and at the camp this summer caught the University of Minnesota’s eyes.

A week later, the University of Minnesota asked Coughlin to return for an unofficial visit. During the visit they made Coughlin the offer. “I was surprised and happy, but at the same time I was overwhelmed because I knew I really wanted to go there, but I knew I had to think it out,” said Coughlin.

Coughlin wanted to make sure that she chose a college that fit her best. She has visited four colleges since her meeting with the University of Minnesota; after these college visits she chose Minnesota. Coughlin is not sure what she wants to study at the University of Minnesota, but she is considering Journalism.

Because high school students can’t sign commitment papers until November of their senior year, Coughlin made a verbal commitment. “A verbal commitment is [when] you tell them you would like to go there, and you are off everyone else’s radar, but if the coaches ever want to pull it, or you want to pull it, you can,” said Coughlin.

As a freshman point guard on varsity, Coughlin exceeded expectations last year. Coughlin especially stepped it up come crunch time, averaging almost 11 points over three State tournament games, earning her a spot on the all-tournament team.

Coughlin’s skills helped the team make it to the state final last year. “It’s a big stage and most people never get the chance to perform on it. I would love another opportunity to play at State, and I believe that with hard work, dedication, and a little luck we can get there again,” said Coughlin.

She also plays year round, with other programs such as the North Tartan AAU program. This fall, Coughlin trained with BSM’s swim team. “I decided to join the swim team for a number of reasons. I wanted to meet new people, compete in another BSM sport, and to build core strength and flexibility. Swimming is the hardest sport,” said Coughlin.

BSM named Coughlin a captain of the basketball team for the 2011-2012 season. “I’m very excited for the upcoming basketball season; we have strong returning players, good chemistry, and the desire to win. Everyone has worked extremely hard over the off-season and I’m confident that this hard work will come together and pay off,” said Coughlin.