BSM serves as St. Louis Park official voting station

Liza Magill, Staff Writer

November 8 marks the day to vote for state and national representatives. Thousands of people accumulate in different voting stations in each precinct to cast their ballots, each person voting in their own voting district. Benilde-St. Margaret’s, part of the St. Louis Park district, has been the official voting station for St. Louis Park citizens for the past nine years. The school was chosen as a poll station because of its central location in its precinct. “Most of the options for voting places are churches, schools, or public meeting places, and BSM was a good choice because of its location and parking availability,” said voting judge Mary Elliton. The educational benefit for having a polling place at a school opens awareness for the students of the importance of voting and making their voice heard. “For students, it’s a really cool opportunity to know about voting and knowing that it is available and something that should be done as adults,” said Elliton.