Senior high gains perspective thanks to anti-bullying lecture

Laura Shannon, Staff Writer

This Tuesday, students received the unique opportunity to gain perspective on bullying by psychologist and actor Dr. Michael Fowlin. “What I really try to cover is that you don’t know people until you know them,” said Fowlin, who has been doing this for 16 years. BSM invited Fowlin to speak due to growing worries about a potential increase in bullying. “Even though there isn’t a major problem with bullying, it still exists. People picture bullying as shoving kids into lockers, but it goes beyond that, like cyberbullying and intolerance,” said Ms. Lidibette Guzmán, diversity coordinator. Freshmen and sophomores attended the presentation during seventh and eighth hour. Due to a brief power outage due to an electricity dilemma, juniors and seniors, who were supposed to attend during fourth and fifth hours, had the presentation postponed for the following day.