BSM experiences annual power outage

Brian Tobelmann, Staff Writer

Students experienced a minor class disruption Tuesday, Oct. 25 due to a 30 minute power outage that affected most of St. Louis Park. This was the sixth in a string of outages that occur annually at Benilde- St. Margaret’s. “It is extremely frustrating when it happens so often. We’ve had one every year,” said Dr. Sue Skinner, senior high Principal.

Fortunately, the entire day was not lost to the power outage––it was a quick fix, and fifth period resumed when the power returned. “We didn’t send people home because Excel Energy told us that they had been working on the problem since nine in the morning, so we assumed it would be back on soon,” said Dr. Skinner. The juniors and seniors, though, experienced mass disappointment as the shortage cut short a special anti-bullying seminar. Dr. Skinner assured the senior high that the speaker was rescheduled for the following day, and the juniors and seniors would not miss out on the experience.