BSM makes homeroom shorter

Rachel Frenz, Staff Writer

Not every change succeeds the first time, and BSM found this out with the new schedule. “Because [lunch is sixth hour], the actual class time is [cut] to 35 minutes, which is way too short,” said Dr. Sue Skinner, senior high principal. The solution will make homeroom 10 minutes rather than 15, and add the five minutes to the sixth period class. This schedule change will take place on Monday, Oct. 10.

The people that are most concerned about homeroom going to 10 minutes would be the deans because they often meet with kids during homeroom, and some of the activity homerooms will have less time work on their specialty. “We are also finding that some of the homeroom business that people would have normally taken care of, they can do during their BSM hour,” said Dr. Skinner.

New Schedule:
Period One 8:00-8:40
Homeroom 8:45-8:55
Period Two 9:00-9:40
Period Three 9:45-10:25
Period Four 10:30-11:10
Period Five 11:15-11:55
Period 6A 12:00-12:20
Period 6B 12:20-12:40
Period 6C 12:40-1:05
Period 7 1:10-1:55
Period 8 2:00-2:40