Sutton’s hard work has paid off on the football field

Suttons hard work has paid off on the football field

Senior Joe Sutton has worked hard to become the player he is today and continues to be one of the our leading Red Knights.

David Nelson, Staff Writer

Leading the team with eight receptions for 160 yards, averaging exactly 20 yards per catch, and two touchdown receptions, Joe Sutton reached peak form in the first two games of the season.

Sutton’s stellar play can be attributed to the time he puts in during the off-season. “[During the off-season], I worked out with the other players, attended football camps, and also worked out with a coach from Kansas,” said Sutton.

Over the past two seasons, Sutton has become one of the team’s top sure-handed receivers. However, he wasn’t always talented. “I started playing in 3rd grade, but I was bad. Then my dad encouraged me to try out again in 7th grade, and I was pretty good,” said Sutton.

Sutton also serves as one of the Red Knights’ punt and kick returners. However, his favorite part of football comes when he hauls in a long pass and steps across the goal line. “I love catching touchdowns and feeling the crowd’s energy as it happens,” said Sutton.

Football is one of the most physical sports in the world, so the right mentality is necessary before playing each game. So while most players like to hype themselves up, Sutton finds relaxation more effective. “Before each game I listen to music and pray,” said Sutton.

In last year’s inaugural game at the new stadium, Sutton gave the crowd something spectacular to remember. He ran a “go” route down the sideline and made a one-handed grab in the front of the end zone for a touchdown. “That was my favorite memory as a Red Knight, making that one-handed catch,” said Sutton.

Over the summer, Sutton was invited to attend Football University; he was specifically invited for the Top Gun program that invites elite prep athletes from around the country. “It’s an elite football camp that works on extending athlete’s games. There was a lot of competition there and that forced us to work hard,” said Sutton.

As for Sutton’s future, colleges from around the country have recruited him. “I’ve received letters from Florida A & M, Augustana, Southern Utah, and also from Central Florida,” said Sutton.

Sutton also received interest from last year’s Division II national football champion, University of Minnesota, Duluth. He also has received letters from Vanderbilt University, which plays in arguably the toughest conference in college football, the SEC. However, Sutton says he prefers one school not mentioned. “I’ve been talking to the University of Kansas and I’d really like to go there,” said Sutton.