Junior volleyball captains take charge

Junior volleyball captains take charge

Juniors Emma Lysne and Sara Taffe work together to lead the volleyball team.

Ruby Ford, Staff Writer

While most juniors are experiencing their first starting positions on varsity teams, juniors Emma Lysne and Sara Taffe were surprised to discover that they would be leaders this year as captains of the volleyball team. A huge honor for many students, captainship is as challenging as it is rewarding, offering a chance to show leadership, responsibility, and athletic ability.

Neither Lysne nor Taffe anticipated being named a captain as a junior. “It was a really big honor when we found out.”

Gearing up for a new season, Lysne and Taffa started off with a positive attitude as they hoped for success. “I love being captain, but it’s hard. It is definitely a challenge, but we work very well together,” said Taffe.

With only four returning varsity players, the job of the captains comes with challenges. Building a new team takes time, energy, and patience; it includes new faces and new skills to discover and develop. “We are working on it, and it is coming along. It’s challenging because it’s a completely different team with all the new kids,” Taffe said.

With eight graduating seniors last year, head coach Ted Reiff was compelled to bring up new talent for the team. “All of them are ready for action and ready to get out there,” said Taffe.

Captains Lysne and Taffe hope that everyone will continue to get along. Strong leadership is something every team needs, and Lysne and Taffe are eager to put everything they have into this squad and out on the court.