Peter Best designs Wild Hockey helmet

Jackie Scherer

Some hockey fans just watch the game, others play it, and others still hope of someday being a part of the team. However, a lucky Red Knight got a head start towards Wild Hockey recognition last month when his original drawing was submitted in a contest and produced unbelievable results.

It’s a dream come true for Wild hockey fan Peter Best, who won the contest last month for creating a design for Wild goalie Nicklas Backstrom’s helmet.

The contest began in April 2010 and had over 500 entries by the end in early September. The process was to come up with a design and submit it to “The Wild staff narrowed [the 500 entries] down to five, and Backstrom came in and chose his favorite, which was mine. I was amazed. Just in total disbelief that I’d won. It made me really happy,” said sophomore Best.

The prize for winning the contest included an exact copy of the helmet and meeting the Wild hockey team during preseason training camp, an experience Best said was awesome. “They were all pretty cool guys and really nice. I thought Nick [Backstrom] was really friendly and he liked the mask.”

Best’s winning design consists of the two sides displaying the Twin Cities, ‘Wild’ wolves on front, and a shooting star. “I was really pleased with the design, it fit pretty well,” said Best.

Best wanted his design to somehow relate to the State of Hockey. “I wanted it to be personal to Minnesota, because not a lot of hockey masks have been like that,” said Best.

Despite all the fame and attention of being the winner, Best would go through the whole thing again even if winning wasn’t the final result. “If they have something I’m interested in, I’d do it. Go for a repeat performance,” said Best.

After the experience, it is impossible for Best to choose his favorite part of the contest. “There was no specific thing I liked the most. I loved everything,” said Best.

Best ultimately created a design that will make Wild fans proud to support their team, and for those who share Best’s dream, he offers advice: “Do your best. Make it so you’re happy. Whether you win or not, make something you’re proud of.”