Zen moments in phys. ed.

Jackie Scherer

Sweat drips down my face as I focus my vision on the soccer ball. My team is tied one to one with only seconds left of the match. The intensity kicks in, my game is on, and I know that without a doubt I’m about to score that winning goal, even if I have to push everyone out of the way to do so.

I steal the ball from an unwary opponent, then “accidentally” deliver a harsh kick to someone’s shins. Out of the corner of my eye, I spot the girl who is running to the nurse because of a bloody nose that my elbow helped induce. All around me, classmates are falling and howling in pain, but their suffering is my greatest victory. With the goalie trembling in fear, I take the shot, winning the game while simultaneously bruising the poor goalie’s face. This game of Olympic effort and massive sacrifices was just one day in my seventh hour gym class.

This wasn’t the first time I’d let go of common sense during a harmless gym class activity. In another similar setting in seventh grade, a simple morning game of dodgeball turned into a life-or-death situation in which I was most determined to come out on top. After some accusations that I was hitting people in the face (I still have not received proof that I have done so), the teacher decided I should sit out the rest of class.

It could be my naturally competitive nature kicking in at the wrong time, or maybe I’m just trying to show off for everyone else. Whatever the reason, every Monday and Wednesday during seventh hour, I let go of the daily stress of school and turn my attention to dominating gym class. I would love to apologize for my behavior, but that would just be a waste of breath I so desperately need for winning the next game. And to all of you who believe I’m just too competitive for gym class, I say bring it on.