Bowling season gets rollin’

Nate Muckley

For a certain set of athletes, the beginning of the school year means one thing: bowling team. This year, the athletes, coaches, and even the team manager are all excited for a new season of this relaxed sport.

Senior Curtis Guzan, an avid bowler and member of the team since his freshman year, enjoys the casual atmosphere of the team. “I like that it doesn’t need to be competitive, unless you want it to be,” said Guzan.

Although Guzan is more of a noncompetitive player, there are students on the team who do take it seriously. “It looks like some people bowled over the summer,” said Mr. Picard, commenting on the team’s appearance at the first practice of the year.

For those students who deny the legitimacy of bowling as a sport, they ought to know that the team even has it’s own manager: senior Theresa Hickman.

As bowling team manager, Hickman goes to all practices and meets and keeps track of all points scored for every member of this well-attended activity. Hickman cites her organizational skills for helping her be a good team manager. “Trust me… there are a lot of kids on bowling team, and one needs organization to keep all the averages to the correct person,” said Hickman.

Team practices are on Mondays and Wednesdays throughout the season at The Park Tavern in St. Louis Park, and tournaments are on Fridays at bowling alleys around the west metro area.

In his ninth year of coaching, Mr. Picard is excited for both the competitive and noncompetitive fun that he believes the team will have in this year. “It’s looking like a good season, and everyone’s having fun–and that’s what were going for,” said Mr. Picard.