NCEA Confrence

Meredith Cannon

This year, BSM students were fortunate enough to receive a two week spring break, but what they didn’t realize was that all Catholic schools in the Archdiocese surrounding area participated at the National Catholic Educational Association conference (NCEA).  This is a professional membership organization that provides leadership, direction, and service to fulfill the evangelizing, catechizing, and teaching mission of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Church. Well known presenters from around the nation came to the conference to talk about the importance of Catholic education.  BSM teachers were required to go to the conference and could choose to attend workshops that met their needs.  “BSM hadd several faculty/staff who presented sessions at NCEA this year because of their specific expertise in an area,” said theology teacher Ms. Holly Hoey-Germann,  “For example, Mr. Loecken, Dr. Kahn, Ms. Cippole, and Ms. Lenhart-Murphy are the ones I know about.”  There are specific sessions for administrators, teachers, and staff that covered specific areas such as technology, disciples, religious education, math, science, and more.  Other evening sessions were provided for thousands of visitors coming from outside the state, one evening entertainment session was a David Haas concert