Lachey succeeds with new MTV music reality show

Sam Thomas

Though Nick Lachey failed miserably as a husband, actor, and pop singer, he finally got something right. In March of 2009, his production of MTV’s “Taking the Stage” aired. This music reality show follows several high-school students who are training for their careers in the arts around Cincinnati’s School for Creative and Performing Arts, Lachey’s alma mater.

The show focuses not only on the students’ work in the arts, but also deals with the everyday lives of these teens as they experience the normal dramas of high school. Both of these components make for an interesting and relatable television series.

Season one kicked off with showing five of these students striving to become famous, and two of these kids had succeeded by the end of the season. One of these students is a singer/songwriter named Mia Carruthers, who recently released an album available on iTunes.

Tyler Nelson, who started season one as a junior––has already had the experience of rubbing elbows with Hip-Hop Dance’s elite. His claims to fame include being a back-up dancer for artists such as Rhianna and Beyonce, and working with choreographers such as Shane Sparks and Shawnette Heard (Janet Jackson’s tour choreographer).

Aside from his success in hip-hop dance, he’s had his fair share of success with the girls at SCPA. He is a ladies’ man and is seen in season one as getting romantically involved with two girls. And in season two, the concept of romance takes off early, as we focus on a whole new group of kids and whole new set of teenage hormones.

So far, season two has focsued mainly on the dancing of students Anna Flinchbaugh, Tyler Nelson, Emily Silber, and Carlton Totten; however, it also showcases the talent of singer/songwriters Emily Sones and Adam Calvert. The strangest and most exciting part about the new season is that all of these kids seem to be romantically involved with one another somehow.

Carleton has an almost pathetic obsession with Anna, Tyler and Emily Silber are dating, and Emily Sones and Adam are the “couple that should be.” The core component of Taking the Stage is these romantic situations and how the students deal with them while trying to make it big.

The new students at SCPA include singers/songwriters, dancers, and drama kids––all with the common goal to get themselves noticed. Season two is underway on MTV on Thursday nights at 11/10 Central. The series has become a hit reality show as it follows the students’ hopes for careers on broadway, in Hollywood, and in all facets of the entertainment business.