Elena Lyon — Sophomore Transfer

Mira Friedlander

KE: Where did you go before BSM?
EL: Minnetonka

KE: Why did you leave Minnetonka?
EL: I wanted a smaller school and my parents helped me make the choice.

KE: Why did you pick BSM?
EL: My whole family went here and it’s a religious school and I needed some religion.

KE: Was it hard to transfer midyear?
EL: Yeah, it was hard but everyone was really nice here so it was easier.

KE: What do you think of BSM?
EL: I love it! It’s really good and welcoming.

KE: What is the biggest difference between BSM and Minnetonka?
EL: The amount of people for sure, like the amount of people here is the same amount of people in my grade at Tonka.