Local pizza place great for any occasion

Emily Busch

The aroma of pizza and pasta saturate the air, and the quiet buzz of conversation fills the room. But this is no black tie Italian Pizzeria; customers come to Latuff’s Pizzeria dressed in anything from sweats and a tee-shirt to skirts and blouses to grab an pizza or a plate of pasta.

The Italian menu covers everything from hot pasta to scrumptious pizza as well as fresh salads. The chefs cook a variety of delicious pastas including basic spaghetti and a delicious green pepper and Italian sausage dish. Of all the items on the menu the delicious pizza tasted the best.

The pizza is a beautiful composition: the ideal amount of sauce is spread over a crispy, thin crust and balanced out with just the right amount of cheese. The pizza is covered with the ideal amount of toppings: anything from basic sausage or pepperoni to anchovies or mushrooms. The sauce has a subtle garlic flavor but not so much that it overwhelms the palate, the pepper gives the sauce just a little kick, something noticeable but not too intense. Large chunks of sausage and still crunchy vegetables cover the pizza, but the pepperoni hides below the cheese. The chefs at the pizzeria have mastered the irresistible crust to sauce to cheese to toppings ratio.

Located just off Highway 55, in Plymouth, Latuff’s is a great restaurant for any occasion from a loud family outing to an intimate date. Latuff’s itself is divided into two rooms––the first intended to seat families and another to provide for smaller groups. The dim lighting and quiet music playing in the background create a subtle ambiance allowing for a perfect a night out.

Latuff’s has other benefits too, such as the reasonable prices; a plate of pasta costs around $10 and a large pizza for about $14. On top of the low prices the wait is never long, and the staff is always friendly.