Students advocate for human life

Robby Sutherland

In its second year of existence, the Students for Human Life group will be giving students a chance to let their voices be heard. “This year, we’re addressing three [main issues]: death penalty, war and abortion,” said religion teacher, Mr. Zach Zeckser.

Students for Human Life, led by religion teacher Mr. Zach Zeckser, is a group that works to bring the dignity of human life to the attention of the community. “We’ll go down to the pro-life rally in St. Paul in January, and to the peace bridge hopefully once a month,” said Mr. Zeckser.

Students who sign up will not only voice their opinions, but they will learn new skills for the future and participate in helping the community. “They’re helping people, they’re helping the schools, they’re helping people they’ll never meet in different parts of the world, and they’re learning leadership skills at the same time,” said Mr. Zeckser.

At the meetings, individuals will take on personal responsibilities such as making posters or organizing future events. “[We will meet] to coordinate and plan different events that try to highlight the dignity of human life… this includes the death penalty, abortion, euthanasia, embryonic stem-cell research, and war,” said Mr. Zeckser.

Because this group is still in its early stages, its goal isn’t “go out and save the world,” but instead to try to develop into a stronger group. “[The goal is to] establish a group that functions well and educates the kids that are in the group and then the broader community. I also want to be able to empower the kids that are in my group so they feel like they can take action,” said Mr. Zeckser.

The Students for Human Life group meets every two weeks on Thursdays at 7:30 a.m. All senior high students are welcome to become a member of this group at any time and take a stand on behalf of their beliefs.