Allyssa Schik

Rose Conry

Allyssa Schik is tremendous for more than just the unique spelling of her name and her intense fear of mayo.  The eagerness she pursues life with sets her apart from her peers.

Confirming her enrollment at University of Wisconsin-Madison in mid-October, Allyssa wasted no time in deciding where to head for school next fall.  She made her final decision even before some seniors decided where to apply.
In the months since finalizing her decision, she has spent several weekends and holidays at Madison and eagerly awaits becoming a permanent student next fall.  “I can’t wait. I visited so much I think some of the people I met think I already go there,” said Allyssa.
In college, Allyssa hopes to follow the pre-med track. “I want to be a doctor, but I’m not exactly sure what kind yet. I’m thinking pediatrics or OB-GYN,” said Allyssa.  In addition to giving her the opportunity to help others, this career appeals to Allyssa because of its fast-paced and demanding nature.
Through her work as a doctor she will also be able to satisfy her love of hospitals. “I really like hospitals. I know it’s weird, but I just like the busy atmosphere. I don’t think I could ever have a desk job.  I’d get bored too easily,” said Allyssa. 
During the school year, Allyssa saves herself from boredom by focusing her efforts on academics. From multiple-intelligence projects for AP Literature to Calculus BC Problems of the Week, Allyssa begins any assignment almost immediately upon receiving it from her teachers. This eager pursuit of schoolwork along with consistent effort has gained Allyssa many honors, including designation as a National Merit Commended Scholar.  
Her willingness to try new things has allowed Allyssa to travel around the world.  She has taken advantage of the trips offered by BSM to travel to Egypt and Spain to create lasting memories. “They were really fun and opportunities I probably wouldn’t have had otherwise,” said Allyssa.

From her trip to Egypt during her sophomore year, Allyssa remembers traveling deep inside an ancient pyramid most vividly.  “It was kind of scary; the tunnel was short and narrow. It could only fit one single file line going down and one coming up.  You could see there had been booby traps too,” said Allyssa. 

Along with enthusiastically pursuing her studies and travels, Allyssa works at a hardware store in Wayzata.  Besides allowing her to meet interesting people, her job offers several perks, including free pancakes from the nearby Original House of Pancakes.
Although everyone certainly envies Allyssa for the free pancakes she receives while working, many envy the willing and eager attitude she has towards her future, academics and the world as well.