Beautiful Art Comes into Bloom at MIA

maria cass

Recreating a sculpture, painting, or drawing perfected by a professional artist–no tracing paper allowed–is one of the hardest things to do; now imagine trying to recreate a piece of art, or making an arrangement which perfectly compliments the piece, made entirely of flowers.

Some 160 floral designers––commercial companies such as Bachmans and Richfield Floral and Gardens, as well as individuals with a passion for floral design––have taken up the challenge of the annual “Art in Bloom” showcase at the Minneapolis Institute of Art.

Admission to “Art in Bloom” is free, however, there is a charge for attending one of their special events, such as a luncheon, presentation, or admission to one of their many family/group oriented events (think picnics and after-hours tours.) “Art in Bloom” runs from April 30 to May 3, 2009, giving viewers a relatively short amount of time to experience the arrangements.