World Language Week highlights

Katie McClurg

For five days out of the school year, BSM students are able to leave their normal lives behind and experience a week full of talent shows, new foods, and foreign films, all as a part of BSM World Language Week.

Every day during lunch of World Language Week, a swarm of students could be seen around the Amity Scholars’ table. Sophomore Alex Patow, an advanced French student, felt that having the opportunity to eat with the Amity Scholars was a great experience. “Talking with Max, the French Amity Scholar, was such a good experience because he is a really funny guy once you get to know him, and it was great to be able to practice what we learn in class in a more relaxed setting,” said Patow.

During World Language Week students in all different language classes could also be seen frantically questioning teachers and running around the halls with their blue bingo sheets in hand. “The teacher bingo game was a highlight of the week for me,” said junior Meaghan Hughes.

The sheet contained sixteen different facts about various faculty members’ cultural experiences and interesting facts about them. “I’m in French so I met a lot of the other language teachers that I hadn’t before. Plus, I thought it was really fun to get to learn things about teachers, that otherwise you would have never known,” said Hughes.

The week wrapped up with the World Language Variety Show, in which dozens of students and classes showcased their multicultural talents. This entertaining show has traditionally been a favorite part of the week for many of the students. “I think it’s a really good experience to be exposed to different cultures and customs, and the variety show highlights the cool and fun things from all different places,” said sophomore Megan Collins.

With whole classes performing and single students showcasing their talents, the variety show was interesting and educational. “Watching Taylor Best, who is an internationally ranked Irish dancer, was my favorite part. It is fun just to see your friends do cool stuff that you didn’t know about before,” said Kackie Dankbar.