Fox News turns against itself amidst anti-tax protests

Evan Bakker

Many of the most well-known news networks went berserk last week as protesters came out in significant numbers against taxes.

Some, like the staunchly libearl network MSNBC, mocked the anti-taxer’s teabags with double entendres and scoffed at the small numbers of protesters.
However, Fox News made possibly the biggest 180 degree turn when they honored the protesters as standing up for America and showing the enthusiasm of conservatives.

Think back to 2000, when Bush defeated Gore in the elections. Fox News wondered what all the complaining was about and considered the protest illegitimate.
During the Bush administration, when people protested against the war or Bush policies, Fox News gave them minimal coverage and downplayed the significance of it.

Now, as conservatives gather against taxes, big shots like Sean Hannity cover the events with vivid description and lively attitude.
Excessive emphasis was given on the protests and Fox News proved once again how pathetic and hypocritcal they really are.