Sarah Jane’s Bakery

mary musilek

The only old-fashioned aspect of Sarah Jane’s Bakery in Northeast Minneapolis is the price of its baked goods, and believe me, you get what you pay for.

Old-fashioned bakeries bring to mind one-of-a-kind desserts, nostalgic images hung on the wall, and sweet little old ladies selling handmade cookies, right? Wrong!

Although the doughnuts, croissants, and eclairs at Sarah Jane’s “old-fashioned” bakery look delicious, they were obviously meant for show, not consumption; have you ever tasted cardboard?

Also, look elsewhere for coffee and a place to enjoy your cardboard treat, unless you want to serve yourself from the pot of Folgers in the corner and sit next to the cleaning supplies and old newspapers.

If any reader is a fan of Sarah Jane’s Bakery, it must be an acquired taste; but for the average
doughnut fan, I say you are better off stopping at the local gas station.