Students promote fair labor

Maria Cass

Here is a practical way students our age can vote with our dollars: make thoughtful decisions about where we buy our clothes. This is the message the Students for Fair Labors club is trying to get across.

Students for Fair Labor is a club focused on social justice issues, primarily the dignity of workers, by promoting business with companies that use sweatshop-free labor practices. In other words, companies that pay their workers a fair wage that will sustain a healthy lifestyle.

Students for Fair Labor tries to “give [students] a place where they can work on issues that they are passionate about” said one of the two advisers, Megan Hansen.

This year, Students for Fair Labor plans on continuing their letter writing campaign from last year, in which they wrote to companies who promoted fair labor laws, or in some cases, companies who do not abide by the WRC (Workers Rights Consortium) safe working environment criteria. By doing this, the group tried to show that people in the community are unhappy with the ways these companies are run.

The group also does activities to “show the community that there are other options besides sweatshops,” said Mrs. Hansen. One of the ways Student for Fair Labor does this is through selling shirts in the Spirit Shop that are not made in sweatshops.