Combat the cold with fiery favorites at Rey Azteca

Kaia Preus

The chilling winter wind leaves many Minnesotans craving a warmer climate filled with sunshine and warm beaches. Even if a vacation isn’t in your budget, the taste of Mexico at Rey Azteca certainly is. Located in Chanhassen, this small, family operated Mexican restaurant is casual, welcoming, and simple.

Diners are greeted by a friendly staff and ushered in to broken-in, comfortable booths. Colorful murals and Mexican music provide a festive background to families’ meals in the close-quartered restaurant. The complimentary chips are always crunchy, warm, and perfectly paired with a creamy white sauce and a zippy salsa. The menu includes enchiladas, tacos, fajitas, and many other flavorful Mexican dishes.

There are a variety of combinations available, so customers can mix and match favorite meals and find a portion size that isn’t too grande. For example, I’m a lunch special number six (a burrito with Mexican rice and beans), and my brother is a number 25 (one beef burrito, one beef enchilada and refried rice and beans). My dad switches between a number 25 and number 18 (burrito, taco, and rice).

Rey Azteca is dependable, consistent–this restaurant knows what it prepares well and it delivers without fail. These spicy meals are a good combatant to the cold winter–they’re simple, tasty, and substantial. Pair the food with a comfortable, easy atmosphere, and you have a nice lunch where you can concentrate more on the company and conversation than on fancy dishes and spendy prices.