Bowling Team rolls into new season

Theresa Lau

We have all been there–wearing shoes that have been on multiple people’s sometimes questionable feet and using bumpers to avoid rolling a heavy ball down the lane granny-style into the gutter. But the bowling experience has been taken to a whole new (and much better) level by the members of the 2008 bowling team.

This low-key team practices every Monday and Wednesday at Park Tavern bowling alley in St. Louis Park from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. The bowlers complete as many frames as possible in the hour of practice and work to raise their average score. The students who present the highest average will form the varsity team for the upcoming match, usually held on Fridays. The remainder of the group will compete as two JV teams.

The 55 members of this team are working hard to defeat the fierce competitors they will face in this year’s season, but that is not their only priority. The goal on this team’s mind is simple: to have fun. “A lot of kids don’t even compete; they just come to practice to hang out with their friends,” said Mr. Picard. He, along with Mr. Hawkins, are running the squad once again this year.

This season was kicked off for the bowlers on Friday, September 12, at Eden Prairie Lanes. Competing in two matches in the tournament, the varsity team came away with a win and a loss, as did both of the JV teams, which pleased both coaches and students. “The match went well,” said Mr. Picard. The team was led by senior Nick Pugleasa, who’s team bowled an impressive 204 in their first match.

This was the first of 13 tournaments they plan to be a part of, along with the state tournament that will be held on December 6 for varsity bowlers and December 7 for JV.