Call of Duty craze sweeps over B S M

A craze that has swept over many BSM boys, a topic that now dominates many conversations among them, and for some has even become an obsession: This is the game called Call of Duty 4.

You may have noticed some of your guy friends mysteriously leaving parties early, or whispering code phrases to each other that you don’t understand. This can all be explained by the fact that this game has practically consumed the majority of these boys’ thoughts and free time.

A perfect example of this statement is senior Matt Bergland: “Who needs to see someone face to face when you can play them in COD online?” said Bergland.

The game is played on XBOX live and is growing rapidly in popularity among BSM boys. There are BSM clans in the game, which usually play each other in teams of 6 on 6. The two games most commonly played are Search and Destroy (S&D) and Team Death Match (TDM). To try to stay alive while killing enemies is the basic point to the game and is how players raise their points.

Gamers are able to play against anyone in the world, and wear headsets to communicate with each other. “My favorite part of the game is trash talking the British kids,” said senior Jack Dwyer.

Some of the boys have lost interest in other activities, because they love playing the game so much. “Now that hockey is over, I spend most of my days and nights playing COD, averaging 3-4 hours of sleep a night,” said Bergland. Some parents are concerned about the amount of time their sons are spending on the game, and have set limits on their kids. For example, junior David Naughtin is only allowed to play COD on weekends now. However, fellow players claim that he is still in the top rankings in the game, even under this restriction.

COD is still spreading in BSM, and even freshmen are joining in the game now. Maybe this game’s hype will die down, but judging by the devotion these boys have to the game, it doesn’t show signs of stopping.