Economic Issues Caused by Republicans

Andy Lesser

For decades rich Republicans have been taking advantage of people’s legitimate claims to the second amendment and pro-life stances to put more money in their own pockets.  Ever since Reagan popularized the harrowing “trickle down” theory of economics, the rich have been getting richer, the poor have been getting poorer, and our national debt has skyrocketed.  If anyone wanted to vote on a purely economic basis, he or she would not choose another money-hungry Republican to run the country.

Ironically, Republicans still hold onto the “fiscal conservative” motto, even though during the Reagan, H.W. Bush, and George W. Bush administrations, the national debt increased an average 10.8% per year as apposed to Clinton who was actually balancing the budget with a 2.3% decrease in the national debt in his last year in office.

Part of the reason why the national debt has increased so much during Republican presidencies is because Republicans refuse to tax people, especially rich people.  Under George W. Bush’s 2002 tax cuts, people making over $10 million a year receive 7.3 percent reduction on their taxes as opposed to those who make $50,000 to $100,000 a year that get a mere 0.8% reduction on their taxes. (New York Times)

Apparently the money is supposed to “trickle down” or whatever, but honestly, Reagan-Republicans are cutting taxes on the rich to increase the size of their own wallets, piling onto the national debt in the process.  The only reason why they keep getting re-elected is because Republicans act as if “family values” matter the most to them.

Don’t be fooled by their “all human life is sacred” talk; maybe if they truly believed in that maxim they wouldn’t be for war, for capital punishment, and against stem cell research.

The Republicans who get into power for power’s sake or to cut their own taxes figured out the perfect way to get elected:  tell people you’re pro-life, tell people you’re a hunter, tell people you’re “protecting the sanctity of marriage,” tell people you’re a family man, and most importantly, tell people you’ll lower their taxes, without even mentioning long-term economic issues.

Hopefully the country will vote against the money-hungry, power-hungry Republicans in 2008; it’s our only chance to change the system –– a system that currently favors the rich over the middle class and the poor.