School hosts second annual Orchestra Cabaret

Kaia Preus

Candlelit tables, homemade treats, the first movement of a Mozart symphony played by the strings—no, this isn’t a fancy restaurant; all this can be found on Thursday, April 24 in the library at BSM. At 7 p.m. the orchestra will commence with their second annual Ochestra Cabaret. Titled “A Little Knight Music,” members of the orchestra plan to give the audience a fun diversion with favorite songs collected throughout the year.

“We play all kinds of music—the whole orchestra plays, there are duets, trios, quartets,” said orchestra director Mrs. Kristina Lantz. With 17 pieces being performed, the orchestra prepares all year for this event. “We choose our favorite things to play including 2 songs from Lord of the Rings, “Pachelbel Canon,” some Irish music, and a seventh grade quartet is playing a piece titled “Dance of the Tumblers,” said Mrs. Lantz. So many students decided to sign up for solos that another event will be put in place solely for that, and even without the solos, the night will be full with music, both contemporary and classic, a little bit of drama, and some student-made desserts.

Not only is this a light-hearted, fun-filled event, the orchestra has also converted the concert into a fundraiser. “I really believe kids should learn to reach out and think out of the box to serve others,” said Mrs. Lantz, “It is free to get in, but audience members are asked to donate, and the money will go to Friends of Children.” This non-profit organization raises money to give to foster children in order to fulfill the needs that aren’t always met by the state—one of the things it covers is music lessons. Last year the cabaret raised over $300 for BSM’s own Guatemala mission trip, and this year the members are looking forward to using their talents to serve others once again.

“Everybody and anybody is invited to come,” said Mrs. Lantz, “and anybody who plays a string instrument can be involved with the orchestra—take it for credit or just as an extracurricular.” The Orchestra Cabaret is a very anticipated event that celebrates the talent of BSM’s string instrumentalists, the giving back to the community, and the importance and fun that is found within the music.