Hoemke to lead baseball team this spring

Three of 2007’s all-conference seniors are not the only things the boys’ varsity baseball team lost this year. Along with the loss of these three starters came the loss of five-year head coach and prior BSM gym teacher Mr. Ryan Collins.

With his resignation, five-year assistant coach Mr. Greg Hoemke was appointed the new head coach. “I’m really looking forward to the challenge,” said Mr. Hoemke, “I’m an old man –– I’m ready to be head coach.”

Collins went on to pursue other options, as the commute from Coon Rapids became too great and better job opportunities came up.

The team won’t notice too much of a change, said Mr. Hoemke, who plans to run the team in virtually the same why that Coach Collins did. “There may be some practice changes as far as intensity goes, but I don’t intend to go crazy,” said Mr. Hoemke.

Players were not to surprised, said Mr. Hoemke, because Coach Collins had warned them that his return for the 2008 season was not likely. “[The players] were disappointed that Collins wasn’t back; they really liked playing for him. At the same time, the senior group knows that it doesn’t really matter who is running the ship,” said Mr. Hoemke.

With a successful 17-9 season last year and most of last year’s key players back, the team’s progress should likely continue. “We are just going to move ahead the way we’ve been going,” said Mr. Hoemke. “I would be amazed if we didn’t have a winning season.”

Mr. Hoemke has higher hopes than just a winning season, however. “Even though our section is much tougher than last year, I’d really like to see us get to a section championship,” he said. At that point, the team will hopefully enter the state tournament and repeat the third place state finish of the 2005 varsity team