KE Oscars highlights


Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

The 89th Academy Awards show will take place February 26, 2015. Hosted by Jimmy Kimmel, it is sure to be an enjoyable ceremony packed with surprises.

It happens every year. An amazing movie that everyone thinks has the potential to win best picture gets snubbed. This year it was “Interstellar.” This movie was intense and  visually thrilling; however, it was not even graced with a best picture nomination. With superb sound editing and visual effects and an A list cast it is astonishing that this movie did not get the nomination.

This year the Oscars will be hosted by none other than Neil Patrick Harris. Star of the hit sitcom, “How I Met Your Mother,” he is always a fun and lively presence. He is a phenomenal entertainer who should be able to bring some great talents to the stage.

This year the majority of the movies nominated for best picture were not huge blockbuster hits. Other than “American Sniper” the films did not make huge numbers. In fact, “American Sniper” made more than all the other nominees combined. 

Another surprise this year was the lack of nominations for “Selma.” In years past movies that are nominated for best picture tend to be nominated for other things as well, but “Selma” only received this nomination and one other for best original song. A highly unorthodox occurrence.

On the subject of entertainment at the show, Neil Patrick Harris has said that there will be a musical number and possibly some magic seeing as he is a magician. The majority of the night’s entertainment is kept a secret so viewers will have to watch to find out.

In my opinion, Benedict Cumberbatch blew the competition away with his performance in “The Imitation Game.” His portrayal of Alan Turing was both moving and emotionally charged. He added a slight comedic edge to his character that made him feel more real. He definitely should win the best actor for 2015.