Valentine’s Couples Day 2

Maya Berg and Ty Hanson

Ty and Maya
Kendel Malcolm

Knight Errant: How long have you been dating?

Maya Berg: Almost five months.

KE: What animal describes your relationship?

MB: Puppy, I don’t know.

KE: Have you met each others’ parents?

MB: Yes.

KE: How did it go?

Ty Hanson: Very well. I mean, my parents like her, and her parents like me, I hope.

MB: My parents love him, although my dad doesn’t like the idea of me having a boyfriend. He still likes him enough. His parents are awesome. His dad is so funny, he picks on him a lot. And I help.

TH: And then I pick on her later for picking on me.

KE: What was your best date?

MB: I really liked the time that I just came over to his house, and we did homework. It was just out of blue, and I really liked that.

TH: Yeah it was two hours, just doing homework.

KE: What was your most awkward moment?

TH: Whenever our friends give us grief when we’re holding hands. They’re always like, “PDA!”

MB: Our friends make fun of us, so that’s great.

Ben Kohler & Sam Munkeby

ben and sam
Meghan Ortizcazarin

Knight Errant: How long have you been dating?

Ben Kohler: Four months.

Sam Munkeby: Seven…

KE: What’s your favorite thing about each other?

BK:  Her fuzzy socks.

SM: Every time I burp, he sucks it up and it’s really cute.

KE: What is your most awkward moment?

BK: It was really uncomfortable.

SM: The other day this random guy at a Super Bowl party asked if we were brother and sister, and when we said, “no,” he just assumed we were married.

Tommy Brennan & Molly Eldevik

tommy and molly
Kendel Malcolm

Knight Errant: How long have you been dating?

Molly Eldevik:  A year and a day.

Tommy Brennan: It was our anniversary yesterday

KE: How did you meet?

ME: We met the first day of mock trial but didn’t talk to each other the entire season.

TB: I would always try to sit by her at mock trial, but she always sat next to Parker Breza.

KE: What is the dumbest thing you have argued over?

ME: We argue about politics a lot, which is really fruitless because we’ll never agree.

TB: But we don’t really argue about any little stuff.

KE: What animal describes your relationship?

TB: A koala because we’re lazy and take a lot of naps.

ME: Of course, because we can often be found slumped on tree branches eating eucalyptus leaves.

KE: Have you met each other’s parents? How did that go?

ME: Yes, I’m really good friends with Tommy’s parents. We text and hangout.

KE: What were you best and worst dates?  

ME: We went to Chicago for a day.

TB: Yeah, we flew into Chicago at 3 A.M. and came back at like 9. It was really fun.