Knight Errant

Marielle Arostegui

Marielle Arostegui, A&E Editor

Junior Marielle Arostegui appears to be an ordinary girl to any onlooker. But underneath her incredibly tanned skin is a deep secret that only a few know. She is actually super sleuth Nancy Drew, who can solve any crime by dinner time. Until recently, Marielle was able to solve countless crimes in the open (you may have heard of her most famous one, The Black Dahlia Case). She solved the case so rapidly that there was no use to alert the media about her findings, and she didn’t want other detectives to be jealous of her raw talent. She is now forced to go undercover because she is being hunted down by a band of criminals who have escaped Alcatraz. These criminals have gone as far as taking CNN reporter Anderson Copper hostage, and Arostegui promises she will not stop her sleuthing until she sees that her love has returned safely and without a gray hair out of place on that pretty head of his.

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Marielle Arostegui