Baa baa Blacksheep have you any pizza?


Black sheep, in Minneapolis and St. Paul, serves delicious coal fired pizza in a quiet and simple atmosphere.

Marielle Arostegui, Staff Writer

With minimal decorations and quiet music humming in the background, Black Sheep reminds customers that going to a restaurant should not be about the decor, but instead the quality of the food served. Entering Black Sheep Pizza feels like coming home to a warm house and good food.

Owner Jordan Smith brought his experience in restaurants to Black Sheep, after holding top jobs at American Kitchen and D’Amico & sons. His expertise is clearly evident in his pizzas, but they are not the only delicious food served there.

Smith’s Chop Salad is an ideal salad, large enough to feed four people. But if one isn’t in the mood to share, it isn’t too big to finish alone. The salad features fresh lettuce mixed with small slices of cheese, pepperoni, water chestnuts, and topped off with a very light vinaigrette. Black Sheep keeps their salad choices interesting by also serving a weekly market salad.

Choosing just one of Black Sheep’s pizzas might be the most difficult decision to make. Black Sheep offers tons of different choices, like the fresh tomato, green pepper & kalamata olives, or meatball, ricotta & garlic. If the list of pizza choices does not intrigue customers, they can create their own pizza. The possible toppings list contains everything a pizza lover could want, from chicken to capers, and even salt-packed anchovies. Still not interested in anything the menu has to offer? Black Sheep chefs would be more than happy to incorporate any topping a customer brings to the restaurant.

Black Sheep’s pizza is a coal fired pizzeria, similar to Punch Pizza, but without the burnt crust. The thin crust pizzas are always topped with fresh ingredients, and the crust is just thin enough that the customer won’t feel overly full after eating. Prices range from $6 for a personal pizza to $20 for a large. With speedy, polite service and reasonable prices, Black Sheep is the ideal destination for hungry customers.