Speaking their way to success

Speaking their way to success

Marielle Arostegui and Rachel Frenz

To be a member of the speech team is no easy task; the competition is tough, and the activity requires a large amount of time, effort, and dedication. Many would think that a team made up of largely junior high and freshmen members would be weak and easy to beat, but the BSM speech team is proving them wrong. This young team has an enormous amount of talent, and is holding up well against the other large and talented schools.

The success of the team can partly be credited to the new category meetings that were created this year. Starting off as student led meetings, these gathering have turned into a place where the members from the category come together and help each other on their individual pieces. “[Category meetings] give members time to talk with other members, time to process the whole experience, and exchange helpful tips for stories,” said team leader, Maura Brew.

The category meetings are not the only thing leading this team to success. Coaches know that the winter season is a hard time to be involved in an another activity, but speech participants have shown continuous dedication and support to the team and the other members. “I am amazed every Saturday morning––most of the team arrives before the deadlines, and they are ready to rock, and to me that is amazing,” said Mrs. Brew.

In participating in this sport, members have gained valuable life skills like public speaking, confidence, and reliability. “We are very fortunate that we have the support of both the athletic department and administration. [Both] see the importance of education and the worth of this activity, and [because of this] we are not forced to cut anyone,” said Mrs. Brew.

Soon the team will compete in Conference on Tuesday, Feb. 28, and Sections on March 22, where the competition will be tough, but Mrs. Brew believes that if her team continues to put as much effort in as they have before, they have a great chance of winning again. “Last season, we won the Sections trophy for the first time in a number of years, and Eden Prairie is anxious to win it back,” said Mrs. Brew.