BSM Catholic Schools Week Medallion – Clue #3


Clue #3

Everyone listen for what I have to say:

All are looking and may find it today.

Steer to the side of the school I infer.

Though this clue may be too vague, I do concur.


What does that mean?

Where does he want us to go?

Just grab your ticket, listen, and

Dance along with the show.


– There will be 4 clues total. They will be read on the morning announcements, posted here on the KE website, and shared on the KE TikTok – follow us @bsmknighterrant!

– The medallion is not in a classroom, office, or any private space.

– You will not need to disrupt anything, move furniture, or climb on anything to get the medallion.

Once you find the medallion, return it to Mr. Groess to claim the fabulous prize!

Did you miss the first clue? Find it here. Or the second one? It’s here.