BSM Catholic Schools Week Medallion – Clue #2


Clue #2

To write too easy of clues, that’s human, but to forgive that’s divine.

Let’s have a go at this medallion hiding for a second time.

We all watched that video from Mr. Simon yesterday, right?

Hard work and not giving up always win the fight.

It’s time to step up our game in 2021,

but also take time to celebrate all we have done.

Acting out in class will get you attention that’s true,

but is that the type you want coming to you?

Continue to look and be respectful of all that you see,

but go forth and search for the medallion tranquil and gleefully.


– There will be 4 clues total. They will be read on the morning announcements, posted here on the KE website, and shared on the KE TikTok – follow us @bsmknighterrant!

– The medallion is not in a classroom, office, or any private space.

– You will not need to disrupt anything, move furniture, or climb on anything to get the medallion.

Once you find the medallion, return it to Mr. Groess to claim the fabulous prize!

Did you miss the first clue? Find it here.