Winter captains participate in leadership seminar


Em Paquette

Hockey captains: Ian Bar, Grace Juckniess, and Nathan Schweitzer.

Frannie Scherer, Staff Writer

The long and tedious winter sports season is shaped by those who lead the teams. Captains of winter sports had the opportunity in the middle of November to attend a Winter Team-Captain seminar, where they were taught how to better lead their teams, and create a culture of unity and community on their respected teams. This three hour seminar taught the captains of BSM’s multiple winter sports how to take care of their team, and work hard towards victory.

Craig Hiller travels across the country, giving speeches to athletes and team captains to change how they lead their team. “[I think] it made me more aware of how I should act around the younger kids on the team and that I should be as helpful as I can to my coaches,” captain of girls’ alpine ski, senior Emily Platt said.

Not only did Hiller give great advice, but he also handed out reminders of what to do in the form of a book he wrote, called Coaching Team Leaders and Captains to a Season of Significance. In this book lies advice for winter sport captains to console when they need a quick reminder of how to effectively lead their team.

This was a great way to connect with other athletes from other schools outside of our sports.

— Lauren Chevalier

Although BSM winter captains were very lucky to experience this seminar, they were not the only school present. Three other schools from the Metro West Conference (the conference that BSM is in) were also there to learn about proper leadership. Bloomington Kennedy, Richfield, and Blooming Jefferson were also present. “This was a great way to connect with other athletes from other schools outside of our sports,”  dance team captain, senior Lauren Chevalier said.

The ecstatic voice of Hiller really captured the minds of team captains, and helped them realize what being a team leader is all about. Screaming right away to wake the captains up, or playing fun games with students from the other three school really made this seminar different. “It was very interesting and the dude was actually very funny and energetic. He made it fun and exciting, and it never got boring,” boys’ alpine ski captain, senior Thomas Forby said.

The wise words of Craig Hiller changed many captains outlook on how to better lead their team. “I think that I pay attention to a lot more aspects of my leadership style than I did before,” girls’ hockey captain, senior Grace Juckniess said.