Alpine ski gets ready to speed down the hills this season


Henry Witterschein

Alpine ski team preparing for upcoming races.

Kaitlyn McTigue, sports editor

As the winter sports season begins, so does another season of BSM Alpine ski. The team is led by four senior captains: Thomas Forby, Jack Klassen, Amelia Backes, and Emily Platt, all of whom are excited for another season on the slopes.

All of the captains can agree that their goal for the 2018-2019 season is to perform well at conference as well as win conference for both girls and boys. To accomplish this goal, the team plans on working hard at practice every day and using the full two hours of their time slot. Along with working hard during the week, the team has added an extra practice on Saturdays. “We are going to work hard in practice, and keep good spirits throughout,” Platt said.

We are going to work hard in practice, and keep good spirits throughout

— Emily Platt

The team lost some important seniors who contributed to the team last year. Some of the seniors may not have been key on the slopes, but they were the “life of the team” and helped the younger skiers, making them get more confident. “They really motivated the younger skiers and showed them how to have fun, which at the end of [the] day, is really important,” Platt said.

Despite losing the seniors, the team has gained a lot of young talent.  These young skiers have a lot of potential and experience, which is going to help the team greatly. “There’s [a] lot of new kids who have the opportunity to step up and show what they have. We will see,” Forby said.

The girls’ team is going to be a force to be reckoned with this upcoming season. The girls have five of their six section skiers returning this year. “The girls’ team is going to be really good this year hoping that they make it to state as a team,” Forby said.

With the season starting, there are still a few kinks to work out but getting into the gates earlier will help the team to accomplish their goal. The team is ready for another season and ready to see everyone succeed. “We are excited for the opportunity to win and to see everyone step up and succeed while having fun,” Forby said.