Fortnite: Battle Royale poised to become an even bigger success in fourth season


Fortnight: Battle Royale logo

Epic Games has launched the free-to-play version of Fortnight: Battle Royale into its fourth season.

Ronan Brew, Staff Writer

The hit game Fortnite: Battle Royale continues to expand as one of the most widespread games of all time. Epic Games, the game developer, has launched the free to play version of the game into its fourth season.

Fortnite: Battle Royale involves 100 players dropping into a map until one lone survivor stands as a victor. The games usually last about twenty minutes max, so its quick nature has attracted millions of users around the globe. Additionally, its unique graphics and alternative combat features (in comparison to its more realistic counterpart Player Unknown Battlegrounds) has set the relatively new game apart from the rest.

Part of the reason so many players love the game is because of its interesting seasons with themes and challenges that last 70 days. If players purchase a ten-dollar “battle pass,” they can unlock skins (costumes), emoticons, and dances that act as an incentive for an already incentivizing and rewarding game mode.

Fortnite: Battle Royale experienced its greatest increase in players during the last season. The theme of which, space and astronauts, ramped up interest for the newly released season four, whose theme turned out to be superheroes, which in turn brought out a new line of skins. The new skins, for the most part, are flashy, sleek, and impressive. But new cosmetics and themes is not where the changes stop.

Throughout the later half of season three, the Fortnite community waited in bated breath as the game developers left a series of clues and Easter Eggs that appeared to countdown the destruction of one of the most populated “landing spots” on the map. However, at the release of season four, a completely different location was decimated, leaving a new location in line with season four’s new theme: superheros. Although a small minority of players disagree with the new season’s theme, the majority have accepted it with open arms. Time and time again, the game developers have pleased the ever-growing Fortnite community with new twists and turns. There are few video game developers like Epic Games that spend this much time in accommodating to the needs and wants of their players.

For example, shortly before the release of Fortnite Season four, a new weapon, a type of guided missile, was released into the game. However, it quickly became apparent that the game suffered as a result of the weapon, and the Epic Games developers promptly ended the guided missile’s short lifespan in the game.

With a huge player and fan base, mixed with an amazing support and game development crew, Fortnite: Battle Royale is poised to become an even bigger and more successful game than before in season four.