Fortnite takes the gaming world by storm

Fortnite has become a popular online survival game among BSM students.


Photo Courtesy of Epic Games, Wikimedia Commons, Creative License

Fortnite is a survival game played by many high school students at BSM.

Brendan Amaris, Staff Writer

The gaming world has had a lot of intriguing and different games over past years, but not many have had the same impact as one of the newer games, Fortnite. Fortnite is an online, multiplayer game created by the company Epic Games, where the user uses teamwork and tactics to survive on an island with 100 other players looking to do the same.

Many people have been comparing Fortnite to H1Z1, which was released in 2015. The games are very similar due to the third-person shooter format and setting in an arena-style atmosphere.

One big difference is the fact that Fortnite is much less graphic than H1Z1 and has a bit of cartoon-feel to the game. Because of this, some parents who would say no to their kid playing H1Z1, now say yes to a game that uses team building, pushes for creative thought, and is less violent.

KE Graphic by Jack Feld

People can play Fortnite multiplayer online by themselves or play as a team with a group of friends. This is where the teamwork comes in: the bigger the group, the better because players can help each other succeed in the game. This is a big reason why Fortnite has become a massively popular game.

Fortnite is endless fun because there is never an endpoint, and there are different opponents every match, which changes how players think about the game. “I like playing Fortnite a lot because the graphics are pretty great for a free game; I also like that you can play with your friends. It really is a good bonding game. The game also runs pretty well, and there is not a lot of lag which is another great thing about a free game like Fortnite,” sophomore Grant Weedman said.

Fortnite has spread quickly, and people of all ages are playing it. Even though it seems cartoony, it still appeals to older kids. “I like how you can play with friends and how each match is a different challenge. I like how you and your friends have to work together to survive; that really makes the game fun,” sophomore Brooks Carver said.