“Stranger Things” is a flashback to the golden days of the 80s


Photo Courtesy of Screen Rant

From monsters to corrupt governments to love triangles, “Stranger Things” truly has it all.

In juxtaposition to today’s technologically advanced society, the 80s were a simpler time. Kids went outside, video games had just been invented, and the arcade was where all of the cool kids hung out. From ET to the Goonies, the 80s also brought us some classic family movies. The design of these movies is something that has been replicated perfectly by the Du er brothers, creators of the immensely popular Netflix Original “Stranger Things.”

The show is an instant throwback to the 80s—from the set, to the feel, even to the music. “Stranger Things” works to make viewers feel like they’re watching a TV show from that time. The plot of this show features three middle schoolers: Mike (Finn Wolfhard), Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo), and Lucas (Caleb McLaughlin) who must find their missing friend, Will (Noah Schnapp). The plot sounds simple, but the increasing “stranger things” that occur are sure to throw anyone for a loop. The central plot revolves around a strange, government building located outside of the small town where the characters live, and the secrets that the agents who work there will keep-no matter the cost.

The best part of this show is easily the acting. There are veterans in the field like Winona Ryder who plays Will’s mom, and the young actors also do an excellent job of not only portraying their characters, but work to make their character’s chemistry mesh with the rest of the cast. This is probably attributed to how close the cast grew outside of the show—reportedly they hang out constantly, even when they’re not filming.

Overall, “Stranger Things” is one of the best Netflix Originals out there. It is an instant throwback to the 80s, and with superb acting and an surprising plot, this show is sure to please everybody. With the second season being released this Halloween, now is the best time to binge watch this instant classic.