Letter to the Editor: cultural competency needed at BSM

I am only a 9th grader so, I know I don’t know everything. I just wanted to say that I completely agree with this article. I didn’t know a lot about social issues until I joined BSM’s Justice Club. The club taught me about white privilege. The point is not to shame white people–it is just for you to understand that you were born with a privilege. Reading White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Backpack by Peggy McIntosh really helped me understand the term more. People have been throwing out the idea of having a cultural awareness class and I love it. I have gone to a private Catholic school my entire life and it has shielded me. I often walk around the U of M and I’m amazed to see a ton of different races.

Here at BSM we refer to so and so as “ You know that one black kid”. BSM is a great school academically. It can prepare me for the workload and papers in college, but I feel like when I physically get to college I am going to be shocked because of all the different types of people and their backgrounds. I just hope a kid from BSM doesn’t go up to a woman wearing a hijab and say “You’re in America now you don’t have to wear that,” because we haven’t been taught that some women are proud to wear it and show off their religion. BSM is a great school and adding a culture class can only make it better.

Ingrid Lundberg