Letter to the Editor: Affirmative action opinion piece lacks statistics, perspective

“Defining myself, as opposed to being defined by others, is one of the most difficult challenges I face.” Carol Moseley-Braun

Dear Affirmative Action,

As an African American student who has attended Benilde-St. Margaret’s since 7th grade, this article is disheartening to read. How can someone take the time to write an article about Affirmative Action, which specifically targets a certain population of students, but has no data to support its findings? It would be nice if you shared where you got your information. With no statistics to support the article, it appears you voiced your personal opinion and used judgment possibly based on hurt because you did not get into the college of your choice. I wonder if you applied to colleges and were denied? Being that you were denied, you chose to place blame and point the finger and make it a race issue. Oh wait Affirmative Action!

Colleges are accepting more scholars from various backgrounds, to represent the diverse society we live in today. African American students, who apply to prestigious colleges or any college, still have to meet the same entrance requirements as any student who applies. The way I see it, students of color have a harder time getting into prestigious colleges, because more students that look like you apply to get into those schools. So in a sense, you are competing with majority, not your minority peers. Tell me how your opportunity is taken away when a student of color applies to the same college as you? Prestigious colleges have a reputation to uphold. Why would any college accept a student who is not academically capable to keep up with the rigorous curriculum? For any student, not only African American, this would be a set up for failure and reason for denial and diminish the high graduation rate of prominent colleges.

Let me share a little bit about myself, and you tell me if I, as an African American scholar cannot compete with any white student to get accepted into a prestigious college.

Participated in Honors classes since entering BSM as a 7th grader.
Latin V
AP Calculus AB & BC
National Honor Society
National Latin Honor Society
Been on the “ A” Honor Roll since 7th grade
AP Composition
AP Government
Math Recognition Award
Leadership Award…….to say a few…

Please tell me how Affirmative Action has helped me? Enough said!

Azzairia Jackson-Sherrod