Letter to the Editor: Crossword puzzles need adjustments

In light of recent events concerning the Knight Errant, I feel as if I am now able to express my opinion about a problem I feel many people share my viewpoint on. The recent, and not so recent, crossword puzzles that have been published in the Knight Errant have been riddled with errors, and I feel that this dilemma needs attending to.

When one attempts to complete one of these said puzzles, they will find that many hints are completely non-related to the right answer. In addition to this, many of the “right answers” are actually not words. If one tries to find the answers online by searching the hint word for word––which I will admit I have done in the past––they will find that the writer must have done this as well because the correct answer is the first result at the top.

These puzzles do not amuse the casual Knight Errant reader–they infuriate them. The requests I have of the Knight Errant Humor Editor are simple––make the clues actually understandable and make the answers real words or phrases. Our school is filled with amateur crossword puzzlers who are excited at the prospect of increasing their skills, so it would be very helpful to us all if adjustments were made.

Megan Haakonson