Piccolo serves small but delicious portions


Bella Szarzynski

Piccolo Restaurant is the perfect choice for dining with “foodies” or adventurous eaters and want a high-end dining experience.

Claire Holden, Staff Writer

Piccolo Restaurant lives up to its name—it’s a very small restaurant that serves very small portions.  The quality of the food, presentation, service (and unfortunately the price), is tremendous.

The small portion size is intentional; Piccolo is known for their “small plates, fractional dining, or a tasting menu al a carte.”  As the typical dish will be polished off in three to four bites, patrons need to order four to five courses to actually satisfy their appetites. Ranging from $10-$16 per course, the price can add up quickly.  For those that appreciate exquisite cuisine, however, it is worth every penny.

While the restaurant space itself is simply two small rooms with stark décor, the  food presentation cannot be understated—it’s almost a sin to ruin the plate art by taking a bite.  The restaurant space itself is two small rooms with stark décor, and the serving dishes are also bright white.  It’s clearly all about the food at Piccolo.

As a first course, try the black olive poached swordfish with elderberry capers, potato and dill.  The fish is melt-in-your-mouth tender, with the vegetables and herbs perfectly complimenting each bite.

For the next course do not miss the perennial favorite dish: scrambled brown eggs with pickled pig’s feet, truffle butter and parmigiano-reggiano.  The eggs rest in the butter, the meat acts as an accent, and the fresh cheese, just starting to melt, tops off this delicious dish.

As a third course (don’t worry, you’ve only had about eight bites of food so far!) the skate wing with brown butter, bonito, smoked yoghurt and nasturtium is a plate you are unlikely to find elsewhere in Minnesota.  Skates are a type of fish that have no bones, but rather cartilage like sharks.  The “wing” is the fin.  An edible and beautiful nasturtium flower brightens the presentation of this course.

The fourth course might be considered the “main course,” with veal, duck and lamb offered as options.  The Moulard duck breast with grapefruit, taleggio cheese, parsnip and burnt onion.  The duck is flavorful, tender and perfectly cooked.

Finally, of course, is dessert.  End the evening on a fresh note with grapefruit panna cotta with lime sorbet, candied macadamia and sherry jelly.

Piccolo Restaurant is the perfect choice for dining with “foodies” or adventurous eaters and want a high-end dining experience.  The food, space and service all deliver the highest quality.