Italian market is perfect for takeout

Patrons first find themselves in a small Italian market space.

Claire Holden, Staff Writer

When walking through the front door of Broder’s Cucina Italiana, patrons first find themselves in a small Italian market space stocked with the finest imported Italian gourmet chocolates, sauces, oils, salami and cookware.  Proceeding forward to the deli itself they will find freshly-made takeout items ranging from antipasto to risotto.  They may place an order and pay at the cashier, which is right next to the delicious Italian desserts, such as biscotti and other assorted Italian cookies.

At the deli counter are the pizzas-of-the-day.  The rapini, with fresh mozzarella, garlic and oregano is a good choice.  One of these huge pizza slices is definitely enough for a meal.  The deli worker takes each slice back to the Broder’s oven and heats it to the perfect crust crispness.  For something fresh on the side, try the Emilia Salad with mixed greens, prosciutto, pine nuts, red onions, parmigiano reggiano with a balsamic vinaigrette.  And, try the cannoli dessert to wrap up the Italian meal.

Although the restaurant is primarily set up for take-out or delivery, there are about ten small tables for seating.  They don’t take reservations, but the tables typically turn over very quickly.

Located at the corner of 50th and 23rd street and open every day, Broder’s Cucina Italiana is a great choice for those that crave authentic Italian and desire a fast and casual atmosphere.