Knight Errant

Natalie Chevalier
Natalie Chevalier is the definition of the bomb diggity. Many don’t know that she’s actually a top secret agent for the European country of Genovia named Elise Salt. (She told you, now she has to kill you.) She was raised to be an elite-level spy for their government, trained by none other than Jackie Chan himself. When Elise turned 15, she was sent on her first big mission to the United States, going under an alias: Natalie Chevalier, American sophomore student at Benilde-St. Margaret’s. Her mission is extremely exciting and dangerous. You know you want to know what it is... but it is classified information. In her free time she enjoys participating in intense martial arts and complicated sports, to show off her highly advanced coordination skills. She’s also an extraordinary singer, and has been banned from American Idol due to her superior singing expertise. “Natalie Chevalier” is basically what everyone strives to be.

Natalie Chevalier, Staff Writer

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Natalie Chevalier