BSM Students Work at Interlachen Country Club This Summer

Numerous students from BSM are employed at Interlachen this summer

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Numerous students from BSM are employed at Interlachen this summer

Teddy Madden, Staff Writer

In summers in the past, there has been a stream of students that have worked as grounds crew, caddies, or lifeguards at country clubs. This year especially, Interlachen country club has had a big uptake in BSM students on staff. 

Two BSM seniors, Patrick Mullin and Daniel Porisch, are new members of the grounds crew at Interlachen. They were both referred to by Peter McBride, another grounds crew worker who has been at Interlachen for the past year, who got many BSM students in contact with the staff. This trend started out with a couple people looking for summer jobs and has spread to a large group excited to work at a country club. “I like the environment there. I have a lot of friends that are going to be working there and they paid decently so I decided that it would be in my best interest to work at a golf course this summer,” Porisch said.

Grounds crew is similar to a landscaping job, except grounds crews specifically work on golf courses. This includes mowing the fairways and rough, raking sand traps, and fixing up holes. McBride has been working at Interlachen in the summers as a grounds crewman. “I like working outside and I hate when it’s hot,” McBride said.

This job works well for those in high school because they get to work in the summer and enjoy the benefits that Interlachen offers. Many who work at Interlachen are golfers and plan to take advantage of the workers’ only tee times on Mondays. This is a great bonus, with Interlachen having the best course in the state and a requirement of being a member or invited by a member to play. 

I love the atmosphere, it’s going to be electric.”

— Sam Monk

Caddying has always had a consistent amount of people from BSM, but hasn’t touched the numbers of the ground crew this year. A few of the students are working as caddies. The job performed by caddies includes assisting golfers by carrying bags, recommending clubs to be used, reading greens, and cleaning clubs. Senior Sam Monk started working at Interlachen last summer as a caddie. He has very much enjoyed his time at Interlachen so far and is excited to have his friends working alongside him this summer. “I love the atmosphere, it’s going to be electric,” Monk said.