Freshman golfer celebrates hole-in-one

Freshman Charlie Moen grins while showcasing his accomplishment.

Photo Courtesy of BSM Marketing

Freshman Charlie Moen grins while showcasing his accomplishment.

Ceci Cronin, Staff Writer

As you probably know, it’s golf season. For BSM freshman, Charlie Moen, this is probably the most exciting time of year. For a successful golfer who’s basically grown up on the course, this season has been especially exciting with his recent hole-in-one, while playing Hole 13 at Meadowbrook Golf Club, reflecting all his hard work.

Moen’s recent success, he believes, is part of his change in coaches and, therefore, change in training. “Ever since the end of April, I’ve started to play a lot better––something just clicked and it feels good now…I got a new coach at the end of March, so I think that really helped my swing,” Moen said.

His best swings have been on the par-three where more success is bound to happen. “I’ve had recent success on par threes, and I’m hoping to keep that going the rest of the season,” Moen said.

The infamous golf ball in the hole it was made in. (Photo Courtesy of BSM Marketing)

His achievements come from his pure love for the sport and drive to work hard. He tries to get time on the course whenever possible. “My favorite course is the Alexandria golf course up at my cabin. I just love it because you get to hit a lot of greens, and it’s really tight; it just adds a lot of accuracy,” Moen said.

The future of his golf season and career are looking bright. “I plan on playing in college and potentially further,” Moen said.

But Moen isn’t the only golfer with a hole-in-one this season. Junior Owen Peterson also sunk a hole-in-one on Hole #4 at the Minneapolis Golf Club in the beginning of May.