Take a Sneak Peek into Summer 2021


Sophia Salmon

The lake stays a top choice for students to spend their time in the summer.

Pleasant summers seem to be the main goal for many students, as summers seem to define ultimate happiness. Summer break is a great time for reflection, replenishment, and some sunshine. Who wouldn’t want that? To be honest, many teenagers think alike in terms of favorite summer activities. This can range from lake days, to staying in and watching movies. What better way to relax than rewinding and taking a break from the stresses of the previous school year! 

A major factor, particularly for Minnesotans, is that they need an excuse to not go outside during summer vacation. After dealing with long winter months, freezing cold, and lack of things to do, it’s important to take advantage of every summer activity available. On the flip side, Minnesotans also need down days, but these down days are only acceptable when the weather isn’t that nice. Minnesota nice weather guilt right here. 

Sophomore Juliet Walesch expresses her desire to always be outside; she also rates her attitude on a scale of 1-10 as being a 7 or 8 in the summer. Because of her laid back personality, Walesch enjoys summer days as much as she can, with an exception of a few lazy days. “I never [stay inside] because I live on the lake, and I love being outside and swimming,” Walesch said.

Many students who have the freedom to drive, like to be out and about whenever they have the chance. In Minnesota, it’s common to recognize that saying something like, “Hey wanna go drive around,” is automatically a go-to for us teenagers. There aren’t a ton of summer activities here in lovely Minnesota, besides outside attractions and weather. We make the most with what we got, and it can be pretty adventurous. 

During the school year, students are running around with busy schedules, deadlines, and time crunches. Students who prefer a more relaxed schedule definitely get excited for summer break… Who wouldn’t? Junior Vince Ferris shares his typical morning routine and chill summer day. “Probably wake up, sleep in a little bit, probably go get food with my friends or something and just hang out with them,” Ferris said.

Summer is all about letting go and having fun. A lot of teenagers get some nerves about the future, let’s take advantage of being young without too many responsibilities to worry about!  Wake surfing, boating, and swimming seem to be a fantastic way for teenagers to enjoy summer. “[Summer] I don’t know, pretty hot and nice…Just being on the lake surfing and stuff is pretty fun” Ferris said. 

Sophomore Peter Giertsen loves having little getaways to the cabin with his Ray-Ban Aviator shades on. Although Giertsen loves his hockey, he does take time to carve out some hours for lake and friend time during the summer time. Giertsen is usually on the go, due to his busy schedule of extracurricular activities. He often persuades teachers to let him leave class a few minutes early, just to get to hockey even faster. When summer comes around, Giertsen loves to just slightly chill out. “I like going to the cabin so I can boat, fish, and surf…I get to be with my friends and it’s really fun…Usually wake up and then I go to hockey around ten a.m.” Giertsen said. 

Giertsen continues his mission to always chillax. “Going with the flow, sometimes I think it just makes it better, because…having no plans is better,” Giertsen said. 

Going along with the typical summer day full of relaxation and warm weather, many students actually enjoy some structure for more productive days such as during weekdays. Junior Elleann Lowery loves to stay busy and have some type of routine because it makes her days a lot more eventful.  “My favorite part of summer is hanging out with my friends, and I don’t think I get tired of doing similar things everyday…everyone’s always happy in the summer which is fun… Routine can be nice during the week, especially because everyone has a lot going on,” Lowery said. 

Summer is a good way to destress and take a break… need more time to be free, and happy without school.”

— Juliet Walesch

Trends seem to be a huge focus for the Minnesota summers. With the constant weather fluctuation, it can be a very important decision to dress great for the weather. Jean shorts, Lululemon, flowy tops, and sneakers are usually the best way to go. “I like to wear tank tops a lot… I [also] like wearing earrings and normally I have a necklace on. [My favorite color is] probably yellow, just because it reminds me of the sun,” Lowery said. 

It’s very important that students don’t set expectations too high, and really live in the moment. Doing things that they love and don’t dread is the key to a successful summer as well as the rest of the year. Summer can look different for everyone, but the reality is that students all love to have a good time all the time. “Summer is a good way to destress and take a break… need more time to be free, and happy without school,” Walesch said.