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Mimi Goodwin

Mimi Goodwin, Staff Writer

Mimi Goodwin is an interesting one. She can be pretty wild but also reserved. It depends on her mood because her brain has a feature called the "on and off switch.” She may come off like she's really serious because of her resting mad face, but once you get to know her she is always singing and smiling… even in times of despair. Most people would describe her as a preppy hippie. Mimi spends her time collecting essential oils and crystals, practicing yoga, researching veganism, as well as making fun of true hippies because she claims she "isn't one of them.” Although deep down, she knows she is. Something that many people notice about Mimi is she is a shopaholic, as she can never walk into a store and not not buy anything; it is just downright impossible. She uses it as some sort of disjointed therapy for her personal issues. As crazy as it may sound, Mimi spends the majority of her nights obsessing over her dog Larry and doing her skincare routine religiously which consists of about nine different products. Lastly, Mimi really can't stand being told what to do, and has trouble controlling her emotions about unnecessary rules. Mimi has a funky spirit who always has something to say!

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Mimi Goodwin