Pancheros offers hungry customers a more authentic style of mexican cuisine

Zach Carden, Staff Writer

When it comes to “fast food” Mexican restaurants, most people’s minds go straight to Chipotle or even Qdoba. However, while these establishments are indeed good, there is a place that is often overlooked, even though some say it is far better than its competition—Pancheros. I have frequently visited Pancheros in my past and I hope to paint the reader a picture of this restaurant.

To begin this review of Pancheros, I would like to touch on the atmosphere a consumer would feel if they were to find themselves in one of these restaurants. There is a very native Mexican vibe within each Pancheros. The decor and workers both make the customer feel as if they are at a true sit down Mexican restaurant when in reality they will be in and out within minutes. I believe this feeling adds to the experience of Pancheros as each visitor feels as if they will be getting served true good Mexican food and not some watered down American burritos and quesadillas.

The guac, queso, and salsa are perfectly crafted and taste amazing.”

— Zach Carden

Now the environment is important for restaurants, but the quality of food is what makes or breaks a place. Sure, someone can have a great location and atmosphere,  but if the food sucks, no one will want to go. Pancheros has no need to worry though. Each ingredient- the tortillas, rice, beans, meats, veggies, cheeses, etc. are fresh and clean. All the guac, queso, and salsa are perfectly crafted and taste amazing. No matter what a customer orders- a burrito, quesadilla, bowl, or tacos, Pancheros offers a wide variety of options for meats, beans, and toppings. This allows creativity and experimentation with little worry about a bad taste due to the quality of their ingredients. Along with top-notch food, they also offer top caliber service. Workers are always staying busy, ready to take an order, and working through lines with as much urgency as needed. It is uncommon to have a badly prepared meal or have an extended waiting period for food due to the workers. They have the utmost respect for customers and only add to the positives of Pancheros.

Next time you are craving a fat juicy burrito or a fresh taco, instead of only thinking of chipotle, maybe consider Pancheros. It will not disappoint, and may even become a new favorite.